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Your global banking partner

One Account - Many Possibilities

With the GAT Money account, the possibilities are endless.

Receive, hold and pay funds like a local in multiple currencies through your multi-currency account.

Instantly transfer from one currency to another at near wholesale rates saving on FX transactions and conversion fees.

Make payments to over 190 countries through a portfolio of real-time options through our network.

Instant virtual multi-currency debit Mastercard to use in over 190 countries and withdraw money from over 2 million ATMs.

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GAT Money

GAT Money - Personal

Hold, receive, send and spend money using a GAT Money multi-currency account.

Bank like a local. Collect and hold funds in 35 different countries, with the flexibility of a number of accounts.

Out of your country. Out of your hemisphere. Outstanding functionality.
GAT Money lets you make payments to more than 190 markets all over the world. We meet your demands worldwide and streamline cross-border payments.

The GAT Money debit card is linked to the multi-currency account that lets you spend money around the world with low conversion fees and transaction costs.

Spend money abroad in 190 countries without the hidden fees and transparent pricing using the GAT Money multi-currency debit card.

Convert between currencies in seconds using the real wholesale exchange rate.

Money is safeguarded with established global financial institutions, with all money separate from our own accounts.

Get set up and start spending with your card in minutes

01 / Register in minutes

Sign up through our app or online using an email address, or using your Google, WeChat, or AliPay account in just a few minutes.

02 / Verify your identity

Provide your personal details, government ID such as a passport, and a selfie, to verify your identity.

03 / Top up your account

Add money to your account using numerous methods including a bank account, debit/credit card, WeChat Pay, Alipay or Apple Pay.

04 / Manage your currency

Quickly add any currency you wish in seconds and change between currencies with a few clicks.

Get Started
GAT Money - Business

Whether you are traveling overseas on business, paying employees abroad, or just paying invoices internationally, establish a business GAT Money in minutes.

International Employees

Receive your salary, pension, and more.

Relocate without the stress — and without the multiple bank accounts. Share your details with your employer, pension scheme, family or friends, and get paid like a local.

Global Suppliers

Pay suppliers around the world in seconds.

With multiple bank accounts, you can pay suppliers in seconds in many countries around the world.

GAT Money - Personal

Whether you are going overseas, sending money to friends or family abroad, or just shopping internationally, establish a personal GAT Money in minutes.

Shopping Online

Pay at the real exchange rate.

Avoid sneaky bank exchange rate markups and high foreign transaction fees. Pay only a low upfront conversion fee, and no annual card fee.

Sending money to loved ones

Pay international school fees or just send money to a loved one abroad, GAT Money makes sending money overseas so simple.

Business Account
Personal Account

GAT Money - Business

The only business account you will need to go truly global.

GAT Money business account is everything you need to grow your business and operate internationally — without the high fees, hefty admin, and headache of a local bank.

Pay invoices in 190 countries in near real-time with an exchange rate banks and PayPal can't offer.

Banking without the bank. Get local banking details like BSB number, account number, IBAN, routing number, sort code, and more from within your one multi-currency business account.

Bank like a local. Collect and hold funds in 35 different countries, with the flexibility of different accounts for different customers.

Cash management. Move money between accounts in seconds and manage all transactions in one place.

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